Files sent via this method take precedent because we have the details we need.  Ask for your JOT discount.  (JOT Discount not available for emailed projects).   We request you liberally use  comments for project instructions. If you want a specific page printed only and not the whole document set, be very specific which page (example:  Print page 5 only in the attached file. I want 3 copies of page 5).
  • To prevent the PDF conversion fee, only attach PDF files.  Every common software has a  SAVE-AS or EXPORT function to create a PDF.  It will match better what you want and it saves from paying the file conversion fee (embed the fonts if given the option).
  • Do NOT submit copyrighted files for printing.
  • Please review the FILE PREPARATION helps to ensure your product will be the best and always keep your text about 1/2 inch away from the edges to allow print/cutting variations.
  • Cut fees apply if selected.  Please do not specify the quantity of pages printed, just the quantity of FINAL ITEM/IMAGES.  See BEST FIT PAGE for additional details.  Examples:  200 business cards, 24 invitations, 50 bookmarks, 1 print of each page in the file.  Your notes help us understand — we are horrible mind-readers.
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