Like us, you want to put as many images on a page as possible to save print costs.  This page will help you design the size of your project to help fit common sizes for 11×17 and 12×18 with cut down.   Although 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10 are common photo sizes, they are not common print sizes and paper is cut off to make these photo sizes.

Tips for the best price and least errors:

  • Determine the final cutout size of your project  (example:  5.5 x 4.25 which is a quarter of letter size)
  • Create the file with ONE Image of that exact size and put your creation inside this area allowing for 1/2 inch inside border between your artwork/text and the cut edge.
  • Save this file as a PDF and send this file attached to your Order Form.  It will be only one image and be the exact size you want.   If you make the file size bigger than the image, we may have to charge for edit time to fix your file.
  • If you want the image to go to the edge (called bleed cut), make sure you leave space to cut off the edges for the bleed between the images: they cannot touch or be closer than 1/2 inch.

We use the machine software to “gangup” the file (e.g., put multiples of the same image on the paper to maximize the quantity of images on a single paper print), and then they can be easily cut for you or by you.

When you create 4 or more images on a page, we do not always know if the image quantity includes 4 times the amount, or if you have done the math for us for the final quantity needed.  Please tell us the total you need, send one single image, and let us do the extra work for you….and include note details so we know you know.  For example, write: I want 24 invitations, or 200 business cards, or 50 bookmarks when cut.

Below are common sizes that show the CUT SIZE to get multiples for a Best Fit.   Yellow is 11×17 and Green is 12×18.   Include the Code in your notes so we know you understand the size requested.

Cut in  Eights

Code = JB-3
4.25 W x 5.5 H

Cut Horz  Eights
Code = JB-4
8.5 W x 2.75 H

Cut Horz Sixths
Code = JB-5
8.5 W x 3.67 H

Cut in Ninths

Code = JB-6
5.67 W x 3.67 H

Cut Horz twelfthsCode = JB-8
5.67 W x 2.75 H

Cut in twelfthsCode = JB-10
4.25 W x 3.67 H

Cut in Eights

Code = JB-13
4.5 W x 6.0 H

Cut Horz EightsCode = JB-14
9.0 W x 3.0 H

Cut Horz Sixths

Code = JB-15
9.0 W x 4.0 H
Cut in Ninths
Code = JB-16
6.0 W x 4.0 H
Cut in Sixths
Code = JB-19
6.0 W x 6.0 H
More cut layouts are available, but these examples show how your  file can be arranged  for gangup printing by our software.  Call for additional layout measurements.
Please note that you must provide  border space for the image, without graphics or text going closer than 1/2 inch to the cut lines illustrated.

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