Oct 2018 Price Increase

Early August 2018, QQP started getting notices from our suppliers that manufacturers were increasing their prices.  Suppliers also gave notice that delivery costs were going up also due to labor and transportation cost increases they are unable to absorb.

We apologize, but we have to now pass on these increases to you, our customers, starting October 1, 2018 due to these increases reaching us.  Some increases have surprised us and we have worked to provide you the best prices we can so we can continue to be your Local Print Copy Shop.

If you are concerned, please call  p801.528.3747 and get a price update before sending in your project.  Once projects are sent in on the Upload Forms (and we print them as soon as we can), the cost is incurred that you need to pay.

Thank you for your continued support.

Your Local Copy, Print, Ship Shop