Banner Upload

If you have a wide-format, blueprint, or banner project to upload for us, this is the place!  If you want to use an existing design and specify edits for quicker care-free creation, see our Missionary Banner,  Life Events  or Yard Sign pages (other options for design).

For projects using standard paper sizes, use the upload form.

Files sent via this method take precedent over emailed files because we have the details we need.   Ask for your JOT discount for uploading your project.  (JOT Discount not available for emailed projects).   Upload only one PDF file with each form and liberally use  comments to explain instructions for the file.

  • Only PDF files can be uploaded for banners.  Every common software has a  SAVE-AS or EXPORT function to create a PDF.  It will match better what you want (embed the fonts if given the option).
  • Please keep your text and/or graphics (critical information) about 2 inches away from the edges to allow print/cut/grommet variations.
  • Grommet and Cut fees apply if selected.
  • Please specify the FINAL quantity for the provided PDF.
  • Banners require a deposit or pre-pay before they can be printed.

Thank you for your notes to help us understand — we are horrible mind-readers.

QQP Banner – Wide Format

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